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23 August 2007
Upgrading Website
Our website is running normal now, afterdown for maintenance. Curently we are upgrading our web features to support online booking more user friendly.

And we are also upgrading our web to support online tracking feature. So our client now can track the logistics online. ( more )

You can contact our staff online
at our email and messenger services.

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Company profile
PT. Excellent Cargo Systems is a well fast growing Logistic company which was established since early 2004 as an International Logistic & Consolidation Company.

Our Vision is to meet customer needs & expectations and makes their logistic process be easier in our hand. 
Our Mission is to be the best logistic & consolidation service provider company that meet the customer mind share and heart share
Our Company Goal and achievement is to deliver the Total logistic services in package and giving the logistic chain solutions.

Excellent Cargo Systems is one of the well known Global Logistic Consolidation Companies.
Our business services are including: Warehouse, Trucking, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, LCL consolidator specialized, Export & Import Customs Clearance, Document Delivery, Personal effect/ Moving cargo.
We can manage your cargo in any of the shipping term such as CY to CY, CFS to CFS, Door to Door, etc.
Besides that we can also take any of the shipping payment term such as: FOB, C&F, DDP, etc.

Our team had excellent experience for many years from some famous logistic companies that manage the cargo delivery via Sea, Air, and Land transportation. They are highly trained and well motivated to provide the very best professional shipping services. Having an individual skill and solid team work, we are optimistic and proud to present our excellent service in combining our skills and capabilities in many logistic aspects to serve you the best. Thanks to GOD that our services has been proven by the increasing number of our clients, because understanding the need and concerns of our clients is our business philosophy. 

Supported by our worldwide Logistic Networks and logistic skills, makes our area service coverage reachable to every countries and territories worldwide.
With our own in-house custom clearance services in most countries, your shipment can be cleared immediately to ensure your shipments move faster and successfully by your consignee.
The system enables us to monitor your shipment step by step electronically for being well-received by your consignee all over the world. Any progresses of your shipments are recorded by Excellent’s information technology network and ready for instant access, integrated and accurately. This system also assures customer to get detail delivery information.
We guarantee that our shipping rates are more competitive among competitors. With one package price you will get multiple services: pick-up and delivery, documentation packaging, immediate custom clearance. All detailed procedures are monitored and recorded electronically by computerized system. We provide complete solution for your sensitive shipments.

Excellent Cargo Systems provides smooth supply chain solution. To properly take care of your shipping, inland delivery, customs clearance, and warehouse needs, you need a supply chain solution, and it is a pleasure for us to do the best for you. Our approach has been imposed to the value of Customer Satisfaction, implemented in our operation. That’s why we have our own USP/ Unique Selling Proposition in logistic business.

The need and concern of our clients is our business philosophy. This strategy requires us to truly understand a client’s needs and provide the services necessary to their full satisfaction.

PT. Excellent Cargo Systems
Rukan Nirwana Sunter Asri Tahap 2 Block A, kav.83
Sunter, Jakarta Utara 14350
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Tel                          : (+62 21) 65830653 (Hunting)
Fax                          : (+62 21) 65831259

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Technical Advisor:                               : Ext: 801
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Marketing Department  
                      : Ext: 803
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Operational                                           : Ext: 804
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Customer service & documentation                : Ext: 805
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                                                      : Ext: 802
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CDC/ Cargo Distribution Centre
Jl. Banda No.1 (Gate 20)
Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara.


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